When are nominations due?
Nominations for the 2019 Templeton Prize have been closed.

What language do I submit a nomination in?
All nominations must be submitted in English.

Do you accept nominations in the mail or through fax?
No, nominations must be submitted using the online web form only. Materials received by mail or fax will be returned to the sender.
Click to view the 2018 Templeton Prize Nomination Form

Can a nomination be made for a book/manuscript or an organization?
Books, manuscripts, or other bodies of work are not eligible. The nomination must be made for a living individual.

Can I nominate myself for the Prize?
Self-nominations are not considered. All nominators must follow the procedures as enumerated under the "Nomination Procedure" section of this website.

How are Reference Letters solicited for my nominee?
The Templeton Prize office will contact each Reference and ask them to submit a letter of concrete analysis as to the named candidate's significant contributions in any one of several of the listed criteria that strongly pertain to the goals and purposes of the Templeton Prize.

Who is ineligible for a Prize nomination?
The Trustees and staff of the Templeton Foundations and subsidiaries, including members of their families, as well as Templeton Prize judges are not eligible.

How will Nominators and the public receive word about who the Prize winner is?
In order to reach as large an audience as possible in the most effective manner, the name of the winner of the Templeton Prize is not revealed until a press conference that usually takes place in March of each year.

If the person I nominated was not selected as the winner, will I need to resubmit the nomination?
No, Nominees who are not selected will be considered for the following four award cycles. You are welcome to update your candidate’s dossier if matters of significance occur that would enhance your candidate’s nomination. This should be done by contacting the Templeton Prize Office at info@templetonprize.org.

Does the Templeton Prize program provide funding for research, education grants, etc.?
No, the Templeton Prize is awarded to a living individual whose lifelong endeavors have made a unique contribution in affirming life’s spiritual dimension. For information on grant opportunities, visit the John Templeton Foundation website at www.templeton.org/what_we_fund/.