While not intended to celebrate any particular faith tradition or notion of God, the Prize seeks to recognize new understandings in the quest for progress in humanity's efforts to comprehend the many and diverse manifestations of the Divine.

The Templeton Prize is awarded annually based on the decision of a panel of distinguished judges from various academic disciplines and religious traditions. We seek a diverse pool of worthy candidates and welcome nominations from around the world.

The public at large is encouraged to participate in considering and then making formal nominations of worthy, appropriate candidates. The Templeton Prize also directly solicits nominations from academic leaders, theologians, scholars, and scientists.

Nominators should consider that the Templeton Prize is not awarded for good works per se, such as humanitarian endeavors, but for a substantial record of achievement that highlights or exemplifies one or more of the various ways in which human beings express their yearning for spiritu al progress. Special care should be given to the Nomination Narrative written to substantiate the Nominee's works in relation to the vision of the Templeton Prize, as described below.

Your nomination remains active over a period of five Prize years. You are encouraged to update your candidate's dossier at any time if matters of significance occur that would enhance your candidate's nomination. This should be done by contacting the Templeton Prize Office at An update will be sent to you annually at the contact information on record regarding the status of your nomination.

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Nominations for the 2016 Templeton Prize will be accepted through Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 11:00 PM EDT. Submissions will be accepted only through the use of an online web form. The following information is required to complete your nomination:

  1. The nominator's name, organizational affiliation, and valid email address
  2. The candidate's full name, gender, organizational affiliation, and contact information
  3. A detailed narrative explaining why the candidate is worthy of consideration for the Templeton Prize. This narrative can be of any length as long as it demonstrates the candidate's significant contributions to affirming life's spiritual dimension. When writing your Templeton Prize Nomination narrative, please consider the following criteria. These criteria are all equally important aspects of a Nominee's candidacy. However, realistically no single nominee will reflect every dimension noted, but on the whole, the Nomination narrative should reflect the creativity, innovation, rigor and impact of the work of your candidate. Please consider all of the following when writing your Narrative, and to the best of your ability, define how the nominee's work is effective in each of these criteria:
    • Spiritual Dimensions - How has the individual made exceptional contributions to affirming life's spiritual dimensions, whether through insight, discovery or practical works?
    • Entrepreneurship - Does the individual capture the full meaning and breadth of being an "entrepreneur of the spirit" - someone who has both explored and then achieved a substantial record of contributions to "spiritual progress" - especially in regard to truly innovative discoveries and then widely influential dissemination?
    • New Insights regarding the Divine - From any domain of human effort: from science to philosophy - to social science - to theology - and/or to creation of new high-impact organizations - how has the individual demonstrated singular success or breakthroughs with clear evidence of progress in humanity's effort to comprehend the many and diverse manifestations of the Divine?
    • Spiritual Realities - Does the individual's work clearly represent innovative - theoretical - practical - and enduring impact in accomplishments and communications regarding previously unrecognized dimensions of "Spiritual Realities", including love, forgiveness, gratitude, creativity, infinity, ultimate reality and purpose in the cosmos?
    • Spiritual Dilemmas in Life - What has the individual done to demonstrate breakthroughs in addressing the timeless spiritual dilemmas of human life through open-minded humility in asking and seeking innovative answers to questions of substance and meaning and the challenging of assumptions?
  4. Nominee's Curriculum Vitae or Biography if Curriculum Vitae not available.
  5. A list of up to five relevant works (essays, book chapters, books, journal articles, lectures, blogs, or websites) that demonstrate the candidate's achievements or discuss the impact of the candidate's contributions to life's spiritual dimension. For those candidates with numerous publications, we ask that the nominator list only the works most relevant to the purpose of the Templeton Prize.
  6. A minimum of 3 (three) and a maximum of 5 (five) References who can speak to the qualifications of the candidate. Please list their names, organizational affiliation, and full contact information, and most importantly, their email addresses. Nominators are strongly advised to contact the list of References submitted and alert them regarding your submission of their name as a Reference. The Templeton Prize office will contact each Reference and ask them to submit a letter of concrete analysis as to the named candidate's significant contributions in any one of several of the listed criteria that strongly pertain to the goals and purposes of the Templeton Prize. Letters of Reference must be received or postmarked by September 1, 2015.


The Prize staff will periodically send reminders to the Nominator and identified References on the status of the Reference letters. Staff will also communicate with the Nominator when the dossier is deemed complete.