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Templeton Prize Laureate Brother Roger Dies

spacer The John Templeton Foundation mourns the death of 1974 Templeton Prize Laureate Brother Roger, 90, a leading ecumenical figure through the community of monks he founded in Taizé, Burgundy, eastern France, in 1940. Brother Roger was stabbed to death during a service there on August 16.
spacer When the Nazis occupied France during World War II, Brother Roger (Schutz), a Swiss Protestant, gave sanctuary to Jewish refugees, and later German POWs. After the war, he initiated efforts to aide orphans in the region surrounding the community. This led to the founding of the Council of Youth, and then the Intercontinental Meetings of Young Adults, which annually bring tens of thousands of young adults from throughout the world to pray and reflect in Taizé.
spacer The Taizé Community, made up of brothers from more than 25 nations, is deeply committed to ecumenism, a reconciliation of Christian denominations. Although its founders were all Protestants, it draws on various Christian traditions, and Catholic churches have also widely adopted the Taizé approach.



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