Big Questions Videos - Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

  1. Why has religious fundamentalism and religious violence become one of the defining and devastating aspects of the 21st century to date?
  2. Why might our world be a better place when the power of love replaces the love of power?
  3. How can I be as committed to my own religion as I am open to others?
  4. Why does God love diversity?
  5. How can we teach young people to take up individual and collective duty and obligation to humanity?
  6. Doesn’t all the evil in the world show there is no God?
  7. Is the capacity for forgiveness an intrinsic part of human nature?
  8. Does scientific knowledge contradict religious belief?
  9. How can those without faith understand faith?
  10. Do we stand at the end or near the beginning of God’s creative process?
  11. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks speaks on the Big Questions (full version)